2023/04/19 12:23


Resul PS 

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Achieve a smooth and glossy adult skin with this attractive beauty serum that utilizes natural moisturizing ingredients and vitamin C properties!

It is a highly moisturizing beauty serum with a high-concentration VC serum that contains natural moisturizing ingredients certified organic in Switzerland!

Developed as a total beauty serum for home care by further improving the esthetic salon exclusive product! Enjoy a luxurious drop of it at home.

Resul PS features a high concentration of three types of vitamin C, pure vitamin C, water-soluble vitamin C, and fat-soluble vitamin C, blended in a well-balanced manner. Furthermore, three types of ceramides, including natural moisturizing ingredient pentabiden and nano-sized, liposome-like structured ceramides, are blended as moisturizing ingredients. The product is focused on moisturizing while utilizing the properties of vitamin C. Additionally, when applied to the skin, it gently warms up, enhancing the stability and effectiveness of the ingredients.

In addition to the diversity of vitamin C, Resul PS contains different types of vitamin C that utilize their unique properties, combined with excellent natural moisturizing ingredients, to enhance the skin of adults!